Man Shows Off Impressive Dance Moves On A Mechanical Bull

If you live in the south, you’re no stranger to seeing the local cowboys strut their stuff. They aren’t exactly riding down the street on horseback and rustling up cattle these days, but they still find ways to flex their true-blue country muscles.

You might not expect those rough-and-tumble fellas to love cutting a rug, but lining up for some boot scootin’ is as much a part of southerntradition as sweet tea and corn bread!Heck, even some folks across the pond can do-si-do with the best of them, butthere’s just no match for the charm you find in a real southern shindig. The man below definitely takes the typical two-step to a level even Fred Astaire would be blown away to see.

While hanging out at a honky tonk bar, this gentleman apparently decided that simply riding the mechanical bull would be too easy. Instead, he climbs right on top, but doesn’t stop there: He stands up with his feet on the back of the fake bull andstarts grooving to the music while it bucks away.As someone who falls over while walking on perfectly solid ground, I have to say I’m impressed! Sure, he grabs onto the ceiling a couple of times to keep his balance, but for the most part, he’s hoppingalong all on his own.

Take a look to see all the fancy footwork for yourself, and don’t forget to SHARE his awesome moves with your friends!


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