Man Loses 140 Pounds And Devotes Himself To Helping Others Get Fit

During high school, Danny Malbey’s classmates loved making jokes at his expense.

ThePenticton, British Columbia, Canada, nativewas 312 pounds and incessantly ridiculed for his obese physique. Malbey eventually succumbed to his abusers’shame.He started skipping class and spiraling down into a deep depression.

After graduation, though, he landed a job and met a coworker whochanged the course of his entire life. One day, after work, this coworker casually invited Malbey to join him at the gym.

Malbey accepted, lifted weights for the first time, and absolutely fell in love with physical fitness. Soon, he was hitting the gym five times a week, and losing around 10 pounds a month.

Overall, he’s lost 140 pounds, and has never felt better.

Now, this motivated young man spends his life working as a personal trainer. He inspires others to embark on similar journeys, and take control of their own wellness.

Keep scrolling to learn all about how this young man completely transformed his physical and emotional well-being through diet and exercise, and continues actively inspiring others to do the same.

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From a young age, Danny Malbey fell victim to constant bullying.

Weighing in at 312 pounds during his high school years, this young man had no real awareness of good nutritional practices. Heeven developed sleep apnea due to his large size.

Cumulatively, he missed half a year of school whilst suffering from the ramifications of his bullies’ torture.

Once he graduated high school, though, Malbey began working with a friend who unexpectedly changed his entire life.


One day, once they’d clocked out for the day, Malbey’s work friend invited Malbeyto work out with him athis gym.

While Malbey’s past attempts at improving his diet and exercise regimen had fizzled out aftershort-lived trials, he took his new friend up on the offer.

Soon, he found himself falling head over heels in love with weight lifting.


This newly motivated young man beganhitting the gym five days a week, and completely transforming his diet.

Soon, he started dropping 10 pounds each month.


Eventually, Malbey dropped 140 pounds total, replacing fat with toned muscle.

Early on, he committed himself to showcasing his transformation online, both as a personal record, and to additionally show others that with true focus, change is never completely out of reach.


Now, Malbey works as a personal trainer and posts daily inspiration via social media to his 70,300 followers, and counting!


Through this journey, Malbey has learned all about how leading a healthier lifestyle can totally transform you, both physically and emotionally.

This experience has alsogifted him fabulous lessons about the relationships in which he chooses to participate.

Encouragingothers throughInstagram, he wrote, “Surround yourself with people who will build you up and support you.

“Don’t keep people around who bring you down. It honestly took me a long time to learn that.”


He continued, writing, “I spent a lot of time as a bigger guy trying to fit in anywhere I could. As a result, a lot of people took advantage of me. I’ll never let that happen again.

“I’ve finally found some really good people to grow with in life, and it feels great!”


While his frame does still carry some loose skin around here and there a symptom of such dramatic weight loss he credits weight lifting with curbing that side effect.

As he told Daily Mail of his new state of being: “I’m a completely a different person from two years ago. I am more confident, more driven and I no longer feel the need to try and fit in I’m more comfortable in my own skin.”

Furthermore, not only has his journey inspired other folks looking to get fit, but it’s also prompted folks from his past to reach out, offering apologies.

He told Daily Mail, “I’ve had people message me saying they are proud of me and they apologize for how they treated me at school.”


Why has this young man chosen to showcase his fitness journey in such adiligently public manner?

He wrote on Instagramof his journey: “I didn’t think it was possible, and I had no idea how to start or get to where I wanted to go.

“I do this in hopes that I will ignite a spark in any individual that needs to get fired up. Fired up in the sense that they are excited for a change in their life whatever it may be.

“It’s not just about weight loss and fitness. It’s about overall health and happiness both mentally and physically.”


This young man reclaimed his body, and now devotes his future to helping others do the same.

What do you think of this weight lifter’s journey? Have you ever transformed your body? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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