Man Films His Grandma Every Time He Visits For A Year

At first, this particular story starts like any other home video: We meet an elderly woman, Shirley Hershkowitz, and her family as she goes about her seemingly normal day-to-day routine. Her daughter stops by to drop off groceries, they go on walks together, and they certainly dont mince words, as any tight-knit motherdaughter duo can attest.

Still, as the video continues, you start to realize that youre being pulled into this familys orbit. You hear personal stories that only someone close to them would know, or catch glimpses of very difficult moments when life seems to be speeding up much too fast. Although its titled Grandma Shirley, I feel as though its about all of themfrom the mother staying strong when her own mother is hospitalized to the silent narration of the grandson who holds the camera.

Sometimes, the journey we take through life isnt as linear as wed like to believe, but its the people who accompany us that make it truly special. It reminds me of the grandmawho always remembered towave at the kids on the bus,and another grandma who usedcarrots, eggs, and coffeeto teach her family a very valuable lesson.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: This video is going to end on a sad note, isnt it? Dont worry! I was pleasantly surprised (and even laughed out loud) when I watched it, so Id recommend you stick around for the last part.

All credit goes toTravis LaBella at Vimeo.

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