Little Girl Gives It Her All To Help Dad Out With The Cooler

Well folks, summer is officially here. You know exactly what that means: time for barbecues and picnics galore!

There’s nothing quite like settling in at your favorite park underneath the sunshine or the shade, and nibbling on delicious food with your best friends as well asfamily members. This is when memories are really made with burgers, delicious sandwiches, watermelon, and potato salad on the side!

But there’s a lot of preparation that goes into making a picnic happen. You have tocreate a menu. You have to do the grocery shopping. You have to prepare the food. You have to pack the food. You have to make sure that you bring enough utensils and napkins. You have to make sure that nothing spills.

The effort is so worth it, though! Plus, with all of those family and friends to share the experience with, there’s plenty of helping hands to go around. Maybe you’ll assign dessert to one person and sides to another, that way everything’s much simpler for everyone involved.

When this family got tothe park for a picnic, one unexpected little helper wanted to be a part of it all. She wasn’t about to be the only one not helping out!

When she got out of the car and saw her dad trying to pick up the cooler, she thought that this was her perfect opportunity.

This is so sweet! All she wants to do is help out. What an independent little lady.


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