Lion King Broadway Cast Surprises Subway Riders With Circle Of Life Performance

I ride the subway two times a day, five days a week. Usually, my headphones are placed firmly in my ears to drown out any unwanted noises from my fellow passengers trickling in while I try to solve my phone’s crossword or simply shut my eyes while I make the journey to my office. More often than not, I’m trying to squeeze in a few extra winks of relaxation before starting my day.

If the folks from the clip below ever step into the same car as me, though, you can be sure my headphones will get tucked right back into my purse. The talented actors and actresses from Broadway’s widely acclaimed version ofThe Lion Kingtook a break betweenshows to hop on the subway and give commuters a free taste of their incredible show.It’s like how upcoming Tony Awards host James Corden invited several famous faces to belt out a few Broadway standards in his car, butfor even more people to enjoy!

It’s Broadway’s first official billion-dollar show, thanks to the performers enticing audiences with their amazing theatrics since 1997. They’re able to keep things under wraps as they casually stand on the train pretending to read their books or look at phones, butwhen ensemble performerRema Webb bursts out that first, unmistakable line, everyone is in awe! Several other cast members are sprinkled throughout the car, each chiming in and creating a stunning moment for all on board.

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