Learn How To Make An Easy Smash Cake For Your Baby With This Tutorial

When we see cake, we don’t just see sweet deliciousness, we also pay attention to how it looks. Presentation counts; after all, you eat with your eyes before you get to feast with your mouth!

It’s the sight of the smooth icing, thick cream, and moist cakethat also really makes the stomach growl.

Babies probably enjoy the taste of cake as much as we do after all, they look very happy when they attempt to eat it. But whether or not they appreciate the way a cake looks is not known to us. They don’t just look happy to be eating it, but to be throwing it around, and smashing it all over their little faces!

That’s when the term “smash cake” comes into play. This is the term used for the cake made for a baby’s first birthday! This is the cake they can do anything to eat, smash, or throw. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate the child’s first birthday! And although they won’t remember the way it looks or even tastes, proud parents will probably be taking tons of pictures, so making the smash cake nice and pretty is an absolute must. The cake’s decoration doesn’t even have to be fancy. In fact, with just some icing and sprinkles, you can make creations people will think you bought at a bakery!

Now watch the clip to see three awesome smash cake ideas, and


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