Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump Over Strip Club Event: Can You Imagine If Barack Obama Did This?

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmelthe only late-night host not on vacation this weekbegan his monologue by poking fun at President Trumps tweets lambasting the radical left for calling for boycotts on various companies who supported him, with the latest being Home Depot.

Do you think Donald Trump has ever set foot in a Home Depot store? He probably doesnt even know what it is, joked Kimmel. The only reason I could see him go into a Home Depot is to sit on the new toilets and tweet.

Then, the comedian added, What kind of a wacko would call for a boycott, before displaying behind him Trumps many, many tweets calling for boycotts of various products, companies and even entire countries, from Apple and Mexico to his tens of tweets urging a boycott of Macys after they severed business ties with him in June 2015 following his racist presidential announcement speech about Mexicans.

After exposing the presidents hypocrisy, Kimmel continued on to undoubtedly his favorite bit of news this week. Im sure the president wont be calling for a boycott on this one, announced Kimmel. Theyre having a bigly event at the Trump Resort in Doral, Florida, this weekend: a charity golf tournament hosted by a local strip club called the Shadow Cabaret, which would be a great nickname for his administration.

Yes, this week the Trump National Doral was scheduled to put on a charity event hosted by the Shadow Cabaret, with strippers serving as the caddy girl of your choice to VIPs, who would also receive a stay at the hotel and time in the strip clubs VIP room. (The event was canceled late Wednesday after media outlets caught wind of it.)

Kimmel, after displaying an ad for the event, remarked, Can you imagine if Barack Obama had a golf course that hosted a bunch of strippers? Lou Dobbs would have a stroke, right on television.

How this happens though, I have no idea, he added. The man is the president of the United States. No one running his golf course thought this might be a bad look? Why the Trump Organization would want to associate themselves with a strip club like this is puzzling, to say the least.

For the record: theres nothing wrong with being a stripper. And in the grand scheme of things, Trumps golf course hosting a charity event with a local strip club is arguably one of the least objectionable things his administration has done.

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/jimmy-kimmel-mocks-trump-over-strip-club-event-can-you-imagine-if-barack-obama-did-this

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