It’s So Easy!

It’s So Easy!

Many of us know the truth about REAL fitness: exercise and proper nutrition is the only path to true lifelong fitness! Forget all the “get slim quick” schemes out there promising you quick results with zero effort! The truth is the same speech you heard from your doctor: Eat sensibly and exercise regularly.
However, recently there have been two BREAKING NEWS stories that have an impact on health and fitness. These two news items are so noteworthy that we just couldn’t let another day go by without bringing them to your attention.
Each story is a good example of how EASY it can be to improve or damage your health.

Our first item shows how easy it can be to make small, sustainable changes to your life that will HELP you fight fat…..not make you thin, but HELP you fight fat. Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent for Reuters News Service, wrote a great story on the relationship between sleep and fat. The bottom line is that people who skimp on their sleep are more likely to be overweight. We’re not going to print the entire story, but here’s one quote: “In one study, people who slept only four hours a night for two nights had an 18 percent reduction in leptin, a hormone that tells the brain there is no need for more food, and a 28 percent increase in ghrelin, which triggers hunger.”
The second news item is a good example of how easy it is to undermine our weight loss efforts with poor nutrition. Hardee’s this week introduced what they’re calling the “Monster Thickburger”. A more suitable name would be the “Monster WeightGainer”! This burger packs 1,420 calories, which is about what many women should eat in an entire day! It also has 107 grams of fat, which is WAY more fat than anyone should have in one day! No wonder the introduction of this new burger caused Jay Leno to joke: “The Megaburger actually comes in a little cardboard box shaped like a coffin”.
Well, there we have it. Two fairly easy ways to either improve our health or damage our health. It’s easy to sleep, and it’s easy to eat a Monster Thickburger. Let’s make the right choices.

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