It’s Easy to Learn Flower Drying

´╗┐It’s Easy to Learn Flower Drying

The Best Methods for Flower Drying
Before beginning the process of flower drying, it is important that you choose the right flower for the right project. To do so, you must bear in mind two key characteristics of the blossoming bud. The first truth is that in order to keep that color vibrant, you must dry it as fast as you can. However, the second truth is that the more heat you apply, the more shrinkage will occur.
There are two points to keep in mind when you dry a flower. First, the faster you dry a flower, the more color it will retain. Second, the more heat that is applied, the more shrinkage you will have of your flower. It is good to keep these points in mind as you choose the flower you want to dry and when considering your use of the dried flower.
Since silica is actually a form of sand, you can substitute it with clean sand, borax or cornmeal. To use this method, you will need a dry container with a lid. First, line the bottom of the container with a thin layer of the gel. Next, place the flower in the container while adding more gel around the bloom in order to avoid crushing it. Once it is secure, sprinkle some gel over top and cover it with the lid. Let it sit for about a week or until completely dry. When it is ready, a small paint brush can be used to remove the silica.
Using a dehydrator is your best bet if you are making potpourri. This is the speediest method as well as the most efficient for preserving fragrance. Remember, the more heat, the quicker your flower will dry.
If your project calls for the flower to remain pliable once dried, glycerin should be used. In order to do this, place the stems of the plant in glycerin and allow it to be absorbed. Keep in mind that glycerin may turn you leaves and flower to another color. Try a sample flower first if keeping the color is important to you.

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