Inmates moved out of prison following riot

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Media captionVideo footage shows prisoners dancing and running around the walkways

One hundred and fifty prisoners have been moved out of a jail following disturbances earlier in the week.

Police and specialist prison officers were called to rioting involving 19 inmates at HMP Winchester in Hampshire on Tuesday night.

The Prison Service said inmates in the affected wing have been transferred to other prisons.

A spokeswoman said a “full assessment” of the 560-capacity Victorian jail would be carried out.

Mobile phone footage subsequently emerged of inmates knocking through weak cell walls and rioting inside the Category B prison.

It showed prisoners dancing and running around the walkways, with some holding batons and one squirting a hose.

Image caption The inmates used furniture to break “weak points” in the cell walls

The Prison Service said 150 inmates, including 19 involved in the incident, have been transferred to other prisons.

A spokeswoman said those involved would face prison adjudication hearings as well as an investigation by the police.

“We are taking action to improve and modernise our jails – just last week the prime minister announced up to £2.5bn to create 10,000 new prison places,” she added.

The MoJ previously confirmed that inmates broke out of their cells at the prison by “manipulating weaknesses” in the mortar with furniture.

It said pepper spray was used to subdue two prisoners and four were taken to hospital.

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