Hero Detective Finds Love After Adopting Two Foster Brothers

Detective Jack Mook from Pittsburgh was known for being a committed bachelor and a dedicated police officer. In his free time, he would volunteer at Steel City Boxing Gym, teaching boxing to underprivileged kids in the neighborhood. While teaching there, he grew fond of two brothers that would show up to box consistently, Josh, age 15, and Jesse, age 11.

But when they suddenly stopped showing up to the gym, Mook sensed that that something was wrong.

Mook took it upon himself to find the boys and find out what was going on with them. His kindness and heroismreminds me of this mom who helps her son whenhe’s hit in the chest with a baseball.

He then came to learn that they had been living in a foster home with parents, who the Detective said were extremely abusive and irresponsible. Detective Mook had enough of them being in a helpless situation and felt it was his duty to take them under his wing.

The detective then made the decision to become the pairs foster parent. After two years, he made it even more official by taking them to court, adopting them, and calling them Mooks. Mook later claimed that it was the best decision hes ever made in his life. It seems as though everyone has benefited from this beautiful turn of events. What an amazing story!


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