Global Terrorism

If you pay close attention to the world news, you will already know that terrorism is a huge issue. There are continually reports of roadside bombing and other forms of terrorist acts. Some people don’t seem to care as long as these issues aren’t taking place on their own soil. This is the wrong attitude to have about it though because terrorism is a global issue. It can occur anywhere and it can happen at any time.

Terrorism takes place in locations all over the world, and it is something that really needs to be recognized. These aren’t isolated incidents that occur every couple of years. As a result of the events taking place in recent years, many countries have enacted a zero tolerance policy against terrorism. They want to ensure that the safety of their people at all times.

This means that surveillance needs to be in place to identify possible threats. This often includes video cameras, listening devices, inspections at airports and other public facilities, and people having to pass background checks. It also needs closer checks in the areas of getting passports to obtain entrance into another country.

Most countries have various types of relations with each other to help when it comes to terrorism. There are agreements in place that allow for the extradition of those believed to be involved in such acts to the accusing country. This means acts of terrorism can’t be carried out and then there is no way to catch them because they are in another country.

Even with such security measures clearly in place though, they number of serious terrorist attacks taking place around the world continue to increase. This means more needs to be done in the way of detecting such plans and stopping them before implementation.

You can find all of the statistics relating to global terrorism in the annual report offered by the State Department. Until 2005 this information was not included but it is believed the public needs to be able to have access to these statistics. It should help people to recognize the importance of counter terrorism around the world.

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