Fun Fossil Cake Is Perfect For Little Dino Lovers

After so many years of throwing birthday parties, it can be tough to find a theme idea that’s new and exciting.

Butthanks to the work of this talented baker,your next birthday theme might just be a no-brainer!

Instructables user glassgiant recently posted a cake tutorial thattakes cake-baking to a whole new level and it features somethingevery little kid loves: dinosaurs!

For budding archeologists, there is nothing like digging around with the hope of unearthing a shiny stone, a fossil from the past or, if they’re lucky one day, a dinosaur bone.

So imagine combining the fun and intrigue of dinosaur bones with chocolate cake to create one awesome edible…I can’t think of anything funner for a birthday party or themed celebration!

Using intricate chocolate piping and, of course, yummy chocolate cake, they created an in-depth archeological scene complete with littletools and a dinosaur skeleton.

So if you have a little one who can get enough ofpaleontology, or you love it yourself, check below to see how this amazing excavation was put together.


To beginher amazing dinosaur cake, a combination of white and milk chocolate was mixed in a double boiler.

Once it was the right consistency, she poured it out over parchment paper. This would create the “rock bed.”

Next, sheprinted a template of dinosaur fossils. She followed this to create her adorable icing bones.

The icing fossilwas then flipped over onto the rock bed, thencarefully pressed inward to create the appearance of a fossil.

Chocolate rocks were added into the edible dig site, giving it a truly realistic look and feel.

Of course, what would a fossil dig site be without the proper tools?

To scatter around the fossils, this crafty mom created tiny picks, shovels, and brushes from wood.

A rectangular chocolate cake was split in half and icing was added to the bottom layer.

The fabulous fossil bed was added to the middle, and asquare of the top layer was cut off to reveal the scene below, giving the illusion of dug-up earth.

All that was left to do was add icing, crumble over some leftover chocolate cake for effect, and add in the tools.

And while her adorable fossil cake turned out beautifully and was sure to delight the birthday boy it’s far from the only way to create a memorable dinosaur-themed party!

There are plenty of other ways to fashion a fossil out of sweets.

This chocolate cake has crushed graham and sandwich cookies to create a cool, sandy texture.

Putting on bright green frosting as grass helps add a pop of color to the cake, adding a cool contrast to the rocky chocolate cake.

You can also add a fossilized element to cookies by stamping prehistoric shapes into the dough.

Making cupcakes as opposed to a sheet cake can allow you to make delicious dino elements without making an entire skeleton.

Or, if you are feeling particularly ambitious, add bones in the layers of a tiered cake that mirror the layers in the Earth!

There are plenty of ways to add fossils to your favorite baked goods.

Using your favorite decorating techniques, or maybe some that you learned from these talented bakers, you can make a fabulous fossilized cake you’ll want to dig into!

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