Find Out What Christopher Plummer, Lynda Carter, And Danny Cooksey Have To Say

Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:

A deck is a wharf for a house. My neighbors hate when I stand out on my home-wharf and say that. They ask me to stop. So I ask them, Well, if you dont like it, why dont we combine our wharves to make a bridge, like we intended? And that usually shuts them right the hell up.
—Christopher Plummer
On living in a community

Just because youve worn a hat doesnt make you an expert on hats. I try to keep that in mind whenever I see people who I believe are wearing their hats wrong.
—Lynda Carter
On hats

I wouldnt call myself a rice lover. Sure, I eat rice. Sure, I think its good. Sure, I eat it up to 15 times a day. Sure, I set my alarm several times a night so I can wake up and eat rice. Sure, I coat all my food in rice before I eat it so it tastes more like rice. Sure, I wear a backpack full of rice at all times. Sure, its written in my will that all of my money is to be left to the great taste of rice. But rice-lover is a term I reserve for true rice fanatics like Jeremy Piven. Now that guys a real rice nut.
—Danny Cooksey

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