Elderly Woman Shatters Expectations When She Dances The Tango In A Public Square

The older we get, the more we assume that we won’t be able to be as active as we once were. When some parts of our bodies hurt, it’s easy to resign and not try to overcome this obstacle. In elderly age, we grow frail and weak, but it’s a little known fact that we don’t have to. Many people of advanced age stay busy and active with even the smallest of tasks, or the simplest activities. The men in my family like to stay young by fishing, for example!

But there are more extreme example of grandmas and grandpas defying expectations and showing off that old age doesn’t have to spell doom for your level of fitness or how active you are. Check out this 78-year-old lady, who can lift an astonishing 245 pounds! And how about this bodybuilding grandma? Simple inspiring!

Now this next lady may not look like she can lift heavy weights, but you’ll be shocked when you see how fast she can move on her feet. This elderly lady was watching two dancers performing in a public square, and she was audibly impressed by their ability. She even claims arthrosisas a reason why she could never move like that. But watch when the man asks for a volunteer; Granny stuns everyone by walking up to him. And while the dance starts slowly, it’s about to get very interesting…


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