Don Lemon Announces His Engagement To Tim Malone

Don Lemon announced his engagement to boyfriend Tim Malone on social media Saturday.

The CNN anchor shared a post on Instagram showing two dog tags with a message engraved on each, reading: “Daddy will you marry Papa?”

“He gave me a present on his birthday,” Lemon wrote in the post’s caption.
“How could I say no?”

Malone, a real estate agent, shared a photo on Instagram on Friday that featured him with Lemon and friends celebrating the eve of his birthday. The pair, who have been connected for at least two years, memorably shared a New Year’s kiss in New Orleans on live TV as they rang in 2018. 

The year prior, the CNN host told viewers at home during a New Year’s broadcast from the same New Orleans bar that he was resolving to be “less self-centered” and that he was “open to a relationship.” 

Lemon later revealed that Malone was actually at the same bar at the time, celebrating the last moments of 2016. 

People on Twitter have begun celebrating the news of their engagement on Saturday:

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