Did Meghan Markle Commit The Ultimate Wedding Faux Pas? Betches

Honestly, how dare she. Meghan I-used-to-be-on-the-USA-Network Markle announced she’s pregnant this morning to us, peasants of the wide world. But rumor has it that Meghan and Harry actually announced the birth of their spawn on Friday, also known as the same day that Princess Eugenie was walking down the aisle.


Let’s all take a deep breath and look at the facts.

Friday, October 12, was Princess Eugenie’s wedding day. Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Prince Andrew, Prince Charles’ younger brother and one of Queen Elizabeth’s sons. Sarah Ferguson and Andrew are divorced but still a v cool mom and dad. Eugenie will never be the HBIC, but she is still a princess, which is so fetch. Additionally, since Eugenie and her sister Beatrice are like 80th in line to the throne, they kind of aren’t the focus of the media most of the time, which I imagine is kind of a bummer. Friday, however, was a break from that, and Eugenie got to bask in the limelight—white dress and all.


Obviously, royal weddings are rare, and Princess Eugenie, who was marrying some liquor baron hipster named Jack, was living for that sh*t on Friday. It was finally her time. It was her day. Look at her dress. Look at her tiara. Look at the lovely children holding the train of her dress. But it might not have been all sunshine and rainbows, if the Daily Mail is to be believed (which I know is sort of asking a lot, but bear with me because this is fun).

Here’s the deal. Although we, the common people, found out about Meghan and Harry’s baby today, Monday, October 15, the Daily Mail claims Meghan and Harry told the royals that she was pregnant DURING  Princess Eugenie’s wedding. That’s just as bad as, if not worse than, getting engaged at someone else’s wedding. You just don’t do it. That’s just like, the rules of feminism.

The Daily Mail also points to Sarah Ferguson’s recent tweets as “evidence” of this faux pas. Today, the mother of the bride tweeted a bunch of pics of Eugenie’s dress, designer, and other moments from the big day. On the one hand, spamming your followers with pictures of your wedding is pretty typical post-wedding behavior. On the other hand, some conspiracy theorists people think she’s doing this to get back at Meghan for stealing Eugenie’s thunder. Also, it’s Sarah Ferguson’s birthday, so she’s probably pissed no one remembered that, either.

In all reality, do we think that Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy on Princess Eugenie’s wedding day? Probs not. This is the royal family—I would bet Queen Elizabeth herself was personally tracking Meghan’s cycle and knew she was pregnant from the moment the baby was conceived. But still, there’s nothing like a good royal conspiracy theory on a Monday morning.

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