Daily Shows N-Word Expert: Dont Need a ‘Secret Tape to Prove Trumps a Racist

With Omarosa Manigault-Newman out there promoting her new book by teasing an alleged tape of Donald Trump saying the N-word during his Apprentice days, Trevor Noah brought out The Daily Shows very own N-word expert Roy Wood Jr. Wednesday night to make sense of the controversy.

Wood began by saying he feels like weve come full circle. Whereas now hes hoping Trump didnt say the N-Word, he spent eight years hoping Obama would. He apparently doesnt count the time Obama talked about the word on Marc Marons podcast.

But for President Trump, if a recording came out of him using the N-word, the fallout would be catastrophic, Noah suggested.

You really think so? Wood asked. In that case, he presented some exclusive tapes of Trump saying racist things like calling Mexicans rapists and declaring a ban on Muslim immigrants. When the host pointed out that those are all things Trump said in public, Wood explained, Thats my point, Trevor! You dont need to wait for a secret tape to prove Trump is a racist. Hes been saying shit like this in public for years.

I dont need footage of The Rock in the gym to prove he works out, Wood continued. Have you seen his arms?

I dont give a damn about what an N-word tape would mean for Donald Trump, he added. I care about what it would mean for black people. He expressed the fear that Trumps use of the word would only embolden his supporters to do the same: The floodgates will open.

Wood ended the segment by predicting that Trump fans will turn MAGA hats into NAGA hats.

I wouldnt be surprised if Trump drops the N-word in a speech before the tape gets leaked, he said. Because if hes smart, hell realize that when he says it in public, he gets away with it, just like he did with Mexicans and Muslims. Now all of a sudden the N-word isnt racist, its presidential.

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