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Dad Texts Daughter “Who Is Nick Jonas?”Then Snaps Selfie on Airplane That Leaves Her Swooning

One thing’s for sure. A daddy will do just about anything to make his little girl smile.

…Even if that means making a fool out of himself on an airplane to get a selfie with a boy-band pop star who he doesn’t know from Adam.

Deanna Hall’s father is making WAVES across the Internet for doing just that.

After unknowingly landing a seat next to his daughter’s favorite celeb, the clueless dad shot a text to her asking “Who is Nick Jonas?”

A little thrown by the random question from her dad, Deanna’s initial response was calm but informative.

“A famous singer

I love him

He was part of Jonas brothers,” she replied.


The University of South Florida student was a big fan of the Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers New Price: $8.99 Old Price: $8.99 (as of 09/21/2017 15:59 UTC) growing up, but her dad had NO clue just how stoked she’d be when she found out he was sharing an armrest with the guy.

When he told Deanna he was sitting RIGHT next to the Jonas Brothers heartthrob, let’s just say the enthusiasm escalated QUICKLY.

In starstruck, all-caps style, Deanna texted an emphatic wishlist to her pops:






If texts could SCREAM, hers did the job.

Unwilling to disappoint, Deanna’s dad stepped up to the selfie challenge, leaving his daughter—and the Twitterverse, swooning back into their teenage dreams…



The photos quickly went viral after Deanna posted the humorous exchange on Twitter, that has now been shared over 50,000 times and liked 189,000 times.

“Your dad is so precious,” wrote one commenter.

“Your dad is so pure. I love this,” added another.

The Internet simply can’t get ENOUGH of the goodhearted papa who worked his way into a celeb selfie just to see this young lady’s million-dollar smile—and neither can WE.

When “Dad of the Year” award nominations come around, this guy’s got my vote.👆🏽

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