Crystals D through H

´╗┐Crystals D through H

Diamond: Ignore the monetary value and look at its properties. With other stones such as aquamarine, it can actually boost t stone’s power. Some say that the blue inside the color spectrum of the stone can actually help with glaucoma. It was used as a detoxing stone in ancient times.
Dioptase: A deep blue-green crystal, it helps the heart chakra release negativity and heal itself. It promotes sincerity and emotional balance and its healing can go deep into the earth.
Emerald: A symbol of love and good luck, this stone is used for harmony and peace. It also helps with depression and insomnia.
Fluorite: This stone has every color of the rainbow, usually translucent in appearance. It is used as a balancing stone. The stone is also used to heighten psychic ability and spiritual connections.
Garnet: Ranging in a multitude of colors, this stone heightens creativity and helps with the circulatory system. The brighter the stone is, the better it will work for you. It is used for help with exhaustion, strengthening blood, hormone balance, and fertility. It also helps us open up to others.
Geodes: These are rock like on the outside and contain a crystalline structure on the inside. They usually contain forms of quartz, amethyst, and citrine. It helps with pursuits of math and assists in the decision making process.
Gold: This is an all purpose type of gem. If placed in the sunlight for a time, it will become positively charged. It can help with degenerative diseases and chemical imbalances. It imparts an assertive energy to the wearer.
Hematite: This shiny stone is used for grounding and encourages survival instincts. It also helps to enhance memory, give mental clarity, and give the wearer a sound sleep. It deflects negativity and restores balance. It was used by the ancient Egyptians for hysteria and anxiety.

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