Creative Baker Turns Humble Bread Loaves Into Works Of Edible Art

Some people find their artistic outlet with brushes and paint. Others find it with needle and thread, clay, or through making music.

And then, there’s a baker in Japan who goes under the name of Konel, who finds her artistic outlet in bread. And we don’t just mean in making regular bread, which is an art in itself. Konel actually creates stunning loaves that when sliced, reveal an image inside.

From flowers to popular cartoon characters and even kids’ drawings, she turns her round loaves into tiny little masterpieces. It’s not entirely clear how she makes these incredible loaves, but it’s probably something similar to the way images are created in hand-rolled candy, like these (literally) sweet little panda candies.

And like the candies, there’s so much care, skill, and planning that goes into the bread, it seems almost a shame to eat it!

Check out some of her bread art below. We’re huge fans of how she interprets kids’ drawings into edible art!

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A baker in Japan going by the name “Konel” creates loaves of bread with a design baked into each one, only revealed when she slices the loaf open.

She can create just about anything, like Charlie Brown…

…and Snoopy.

But some of her best inspiration, though, comes from kids’ artwork.

In her home kitchen, where she creates her baked artwork, she turns the artwork into completely edible bread!

Her round loaves look pretty average on the outside, but the design is revealed when she slices them.

And the nice thing about young children’s art is that the simple shapes translate well into bread dough.

These flowers look just like they did on paper sure, they’re slightly uneven, but that’s what makes them charming.

And she made them in different colors for a whole garden!

Konel’s son provides her with the drawings, and sometimes, he even helps her with the baking process.

While her son’s drawings are relatively simple, Konel manages to get a surprising amount of detail into her bread.

Creating something like this butterfly, for example, takes a significant amount of planning.

But, it pays off. She even managed to get the spots on the wings!

It’s not clear if the different colors of dough have different flavors, or if it’s simply food coloring, but we do know that they look incredible!

The designs are created by rolling out long tubes of colored dough, and then carefully stacking them to form an image that gets revealed when sliced.

This technique has been used to make hard candy and even glass beads, but Konel actually got her inspiration from sushi roll art, which uses the same principles.

Her pieces require even more planning, though. Bread dough expands because of the yeast, meaningthat her arrangements will change shape when the dough rises and bakes.

Her creations aren’t always totally perfect, but that’s what makes them charming. And besides, it’s not like a handmade bread Hello Kitty could really be any better than this!

If you got a slice of this for lunch, you might have a hard time biting into it, knowing all the work that went in. Plus, they’re so cute!

You can see much more of Konel’s work, including some other types of baked goods, on her Instagram, as well as on Facebook. Let us know your favorite!

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