Couple Loses A Combined 380 Pounds After Doctors Warning

When Grant and Chantelle Fleming first met, they quickly bonded over their shared obsession: food.

They were both consideredoverweight, and at one point, the couple evenupgraded theirrefrigerator to better accommodate the large amountthey consumedeach day.

The Melbourne-based couple was eating takeout at least twice a day and snacking on family-size candy bars. By the time the two wed in the summer of 2014, they were each at the heaviest they’d ever been. Together, they weighed a combined 775 pounds.

One day after returning from their honeymoon, Chantelle unexpectedly fell asleep at work. She visited her doctor only to learn thatif she continued eating the way she was, she’d likely soon die.

Shocked by this diagnosis, both Chantelle and Grantdecided to both immediately change their ways. They each got gastric bypass surgery and learned all about how to eat healthier.

At this point, they’ve lost a combined 380 pounds, and counting!

Keep scrolling to learn how this determined couple reclaimed their livesby helping one another lose weight.

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Upon first meeting, Melbourne-based couple Grant and Chantelle Fleming instantly bonded over their shared love of food.

They enabled one another’s overeating.

As Chantelle told Daily Mail: “Grant had always had an issue with food as well, so together we were a terrible combo.

“‘When we were dating, we’d go out for calorie-heavy meals like meaty burgers and fries. We both loved those foods and had no one to tell us ‘no.’

“It escalated when we moved in together. We’d order takeout meals twice a day and snacked on family-size bars of chocolate and greasy pastries.

“Eating together was our thing, we enjoyed it so much we bought a bigger fridge to keep up with our insatiable appetites.”


By the time this happy couplewalked down the aisle, theyweighed a combined 775 pounds.

However, after their honeymoon which involved gorging even more than usual on all sorts of sweets and treats things took a turn for the worst.


One day, out of the blue, Chantelle fell asleep during work, right at her desk.

She told Daily Mail: “My legs were swollen and I was constantly tired.

“One day I was sat at my desk at work and I nodded off. I was so shocked, I went to see my GP, hoping they’d give me some anti-inflammatories to ease my discomfort.

“But she told me the only solution was to lose weight or die.”


Terrified by Chantelle’s diagnosis,both she and Grant decided to make a drastic change.

To save their own lives, the couple withdrew money from their retirement accounts, andeach underwentgastric bypass surgery.


Grant had his surgery first, and Chantelle followed behind a few months later.

They also took it upon themselves to delve deep into learning about nutrition andall the ways that what we put into our bodies affects both how we look and how we feel.


Through this journey, the couple has shed a combined 380 pounds.

Chantelle wrote of the experience on her GoFundMe page: “I’ve made amazing friendships on Instagram/Facebook and multiple weight loss forums all through the common ground of weight loss, if anyone knows the struggle, it’s you guys.

“I never expected my Instagram and my Facebook to reach so many people. There have been so many [who] tell me how much I’ve helped them and how much I motivate them, and for that, I am forever grateful.”


Chantelle credited a great deal of herand her husband’s weight loss success to braving this journeytogether.

She said, “Being able to go on this journey together was great as we were there to keep each other on track during our bad days when we wanted to cave and order KFC.”


While Fleming has lost an amazing amount of weight,her frame still sports a great deal of excess skin.

As she told Daily Mail: “My stomach hangs down so low I have to tuck it into my undies, and I’m desperate to have surgery to remove it.

“I’ve come so far but having all the ugly excess skin is a constant reminder of what I used to be like.”

She’s hoping to raise enough money through GoFundMe to have that excess skin removed soon.

She wrote on the page, “Whether I come close to my goal or not, I will document every second of this journey that I can. It’s the chapter I’ve been waiting for!”


Faced with the prospect of an earlydeath, this couple reclaimed their wellness to lead long, happy, and healthy future lives together.

What do you think of the Flemings’ weight loss story? Have you ever had a dramatic body transformation? Let us know in the comments.

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