Carpenters Build Incredible Jungle Gym For Cats

Recently, I was told I crossed into crazy cat lady territory. Apparently if you have three or more cats, youofficially qualify. A week ago, I adopted kitten number three into my fur family, and crazy or not, I couldn’t be happier.

Adding to the craziness, contractors have been coming in and out of my new house to completely remodel my kitchen. Currently, my dining room is totally taken over by boxes and boxes of new kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Needless to say, all three of my cats are thrilled by the temporary cardboard jungle gym. The other day, my mom commented on how devastated they’re all going to be once the remodel is done and the mountain of boxes is gone.

This gave me an idea. I began searching online for kitty jungle gyms and came across some pretty impressive furniture from a German design company made just for cats.

Call me crazy, but I might just have to get my kittiesa piece or two. Would your cats love a cat jungle gym like this?Let us know in the comments!

[H/T: Daily Mail]


If it’s one thing all cat people know, it’s that felines love being up high.

After all,a cat’s home is a cat’s kingdom and they need a place up high to survey their loyal subjects.

Carpenter Stefan Hoffman came up with the idea for his incredible height-defying cat furniture after paying attention to his friend’s cat’s tendencies to jump around the apartment it was living in.

Hoffman adopted a cat of his own named Tiggi and decided with the help of his coworker, Achim Holwald, to create a jungle gym paradise.

Hoffman’s cat was a huge fan of the hanging bridges and free-floating platforms.

Hoffman and Holwald created the company Goldtatze and began selling their high-quality kitty furniture to cat lovers around the world.

The German company has perfected the art of utilizing even the smallest of spaces and turning them into a more natural environment for cats.

So far, cats and humans alike have been very impressed with the carpenters’ work.

The kitty furniture utilizes space such as the ceilings and walls, which allows cats to live a little more vertically.

Even veterinarians have happily recommended the nontoxic products to those living in smaller apartments with pets.

Hoffman and Holwald claim their furniture designs are almost indestructible pretty impressive considering the damage kitty claws can do to even the sturdiest piece of furniture!

Would you consider installing a jungle gym for your house cats to play on?

Let us know in the comments and watch the video below to see one lucky cat using this incredible feline playground!

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