By Day, She’s A Nurse. By Night, She Uses Syringes For Something So Stunning

If asked to name an occupation that allows you to have free reign of your creativity, nursing isn’t one that would likely cross your mind.

While a nurse needs to know math and science to hand out pills, take vitals, and help assess your overall condition, there isn’t much room in the field for artistic expression. So when full-time nurse Kim Magbanua wanted to bring a little bit of her work life into her passion for painting, she did something so inventive.

Magbanua, or as she’s more commonly known, “kimjoymm,” is creating breathtaking pieces of art using medical syringes.

The idea came to Magbanua one day when she was administering medication to a patient.

“Inject some art to your life to make it more colorful,” Magbanua declared while explaining her artistic origins.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/syringe-art/

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