Be Careful of These Doors the Devil Can Enter Through

I recently came upon an interesting conversation on social media. A woman was describing her recent experiences with a ghost in her home. As I read through the shared stories, comments, and suggestions, I became very surprised by [a] large number of young women who not only found the interaction with spirits to be fascinating and exciting but also sought to communicate with them. There was so much advice suggesting sage, smudging, and cleansing of the original poster’s home. Nowhere, though, did anyone suggest prayer or seeking the Lord. Never saw the word demon mentioned. Everything I read was actually practicing something other than Christianity, and the interesting part was that many of the women were proclaimed Christians.

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I didn’t judge these women but rather understood them on a deep level. Having been in a place in my life personally as a Christian where I didn’t see a problem with dabbling in the occult, I knew it was an easy mistake to happen. I can think of many personal friends who believe in God, and even believe that Jesus died for their sins, yet still participate in activities that are not the best thing for their spiritual life and walk with Christ. And since this is such a widespread issue and misconception, I felt the need to share what I believe.

This will not be easy for many of you to read, but I pray you’ll receive my words with the love that’s intended. And then allow the Holy Spirit to speak to and convict you as necessary. Much of this post will be my personal opinion based on experience, but a lot of it is also based on scriptural truth and knowledge from my spiritual elders.

The first thing to understand is that we do not fight against flesh and blood in this world. I mean, I suppose we do, but the underlying truth of all we encounter is a battle against evil and good, against sin and righteousness, a battle where God’s Holy people are at war with the principalities and powers of darkness. The wonderful part of this whole thing is that we know how the story will end. We know that good will triumph evil, that Jesus has conquered death, and when we are reunited with Him, as His church and bride, the things evil brings us here on earth will be no more. Goodbye mourning, and farewell pain! It will be a wonderful eternity, but until that day we must battle evil.

The other good news is that we do not fight alone. God fights for us, and His angel armies surround and protect His children. Satan cannot take over God’s chosen people, and as followers of Christ, we are protected from the devil conquering us. Satan has no real power. So, in his desire to thwart God’s plan, he attacks us the only way he knows how. Through deception. His lies cloud our vision to the truth of who we are in Christ. Satan attacks us by blindfolding us to the victory we have in Jesus. He builds lies upon lies until we cannot see the truth of God in us. This is why so many Christians trudge through life feeling defeated. They’re being blinded. Of note, I battle against lies as well. I fight just like anyone, especially when I forget my heritage as a child of my Father. I frequently have to come back to the truth, soaking in scripture, and also removing areas of my life where Satan and his demons could enter my life. Let’s call it a door.

One huge goal I have in life is to not leave the door open for Satan to come in with his lies.

Ephesians 4:27 and do not give the devil a foothold.

So what are footholds, opportunities, or areas in our life where we can open the door for the devil to deceive us? The Bible says that “he who is not with me is against me,” and many hobbies, interests, or activities we participate in are not of God. Therefore they are against Him. They are areas that open our hearts, minds, spirits, and families to the demonic forces of Satan.

I know so many women who proclaim “God is good,” yet they place their confidence in witchcraft. They depend on answers not from the Lord, but in answers from dark magic. I have news for you. There isn’t light or dark magic. It’s all dark. If it’s not power from God, then it’s power from Satan. If you’re placing any merit in items or outlets other than God and His Word, then it’s highly possible you’re following lies from the devil. He will use these doors that you are opening to darkness to deceive you, oppress you, depress you, and actually cause you emotional and physical harm. Your participation in certain things can open the door of your heart and spirit to attacks from the enemy.

Here are some things I believe are footholds for Satan that are dragging you down in this life:

  • Tarot cards
  • Crystal balls
  • Sage and smudging
  • Ouija boards
  • Healing crystals
  • Mediums, or anyone who tells you they are communicating with the dead
  • Witchcraft, in all its forms
  • Palm reading, psychics, or anything that claims to foretell your future
  • Any New Age practices or things that promote power in self (apart from God)
  • Movies or entertainment that sensationalizes demonic possession
  • Horoscopes, or the practice of astrology to foretell your future, or predict behavior (I know so many people who practice this, and this comment, in particular, will offend you. But anytime you place any merit in something impacting, predicting, planning, or mapping out your life other than God, then you are placing your faith in something apart from Him.)
  • Anything that celebrates nature, “Mother Nature,” “Mother Earth,” or the power of nature apart from God
  • Yoga that practices meditation and centering with your inner self. Namaste, by Hindu definition, translates to “I bow to the divine in you.” I personally love the stretches, but be careful and aware of what you’re practicing.
  • Even placing power in simple words such as karma, good vibes, or luck

Aside from practicing witchcraft, sorcery, or psychic/fortune-telling, there may also be physical objects in your home that are footholds for Satan. I’ve noticed lately that certain decorative items are very popular, but can have more power than you realize. Little Buddha statues are ones I see a lot of in homes. The person displaying these objects doesn’t practice that religion and is actually a Christian, yet having these items in your home may impact you negatively. There are certain symbols I see on children’s clothing that I won’t let my girls wear, and I even do this with myself. I love elephants, but I have seen cute shirts with Hindu elephants on them that I pass on by. I don’t worship elephants, but the fact that some do make it something I can’t participate in. Perhaps these things have no power, but it’s not something I’m willing to entertain. It’s not worth it to me. I must guard my heart and the heart of my daughters.

As a Christian, my desire is to serve the Lord with my whole heart. I will not serve two masters. Our God is a jealous God when it comes to us. He desires our full worship, and when we pursue Him solely, He blesses that. I have found that a life on fire for God, seeking Him with all I am, that it is an abundantly blessed life, and I won’t do anything that might hamper that. It’s hard enough to live in this painful world sometimes, and I know that allowing open doors for the devil only makes it harder.

I would encourage you to look at your home, look at your life, look at what you practice. I don’t say this out of judgment, but rather out of experience. Ask the Lord to show you areas where the devil may be injecting himself in your life. Then get rid of those things. You will find life much more blessed when you do.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or concerns about something in your home or life.

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