Ageist and body-shaming Trump statue falls short as art and satire

Five effigies of the Republican nominee were installed across the US with satiricial intent that looks more like unfunny revulsion toward bodily differences

What has been seen, the saying goes, cannot be unseen, and for Indecline, a self-professed anarchist art collective, that was surely the point: on Thursday, the group installed five life-size effigies of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, in five cities across the US that left nothing to the imagination.

If you have none yourself, the title helped you out. The Emperor Has No Balls, the group gleefully dubbed it, stealth-installing duplicates of the naked Trump in New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Seattle and Los Angeles. Each lasted barely an hour before being removed, but in an era where viral image-sharing precludes the fact of actually being there, that was more than long enough. The thousands of naked Trump selfies pinging around the social mediasphere made avoiding the gruesome spectacle impossible. Naked Trump is a part of us now, a perpetual presence forever an ill-fated Google image search away.

So now, inevitably, were left with the fallout to parse meaning from the gesture, to clear smoke from the explosion and look for the fire. Theres an easy defence here, of course, if you care to seat No Balls (Ill use the abbreviated version, if I may) in the time-honoured tradition of ghastly political satire.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/aug/19/naked-donald-trump-statue-satire-ageist-body-shaming

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