A new Pokmon mobile game just hit the Google Play store

Pokmon Go is still dutifully marching along with Detective Pikachu tie-ins, but a new monster has appeared on the horizon in the bountiful land of Australia. Pokmon Rumble Rush, previously announced as Pokland in 2017, appeared today on the Australian Google Play Store.

Its not the first in the Rumble series, although it is the first on smartphones. Pokmon Rumble Rush lets you drop a Pokmon into the world and battle hordes of other pokmon by tapping toward them, and each pokmon seems to have a limited set of moves that encourage you to swap them out. Imagine a much more basic version of the Dynasty Warriors games.

Pokmon Rumble Rush: What you need to know

Heres a peek at the first 10 minutes of Pokmon Rumble Rush from YouTuber TheBabyofCakes.

It seems to follow the same general setup as the other Pokmon Rumble games, like Pokmon Rumble World or Pokmon Rumble Blast on the Nintendo 3DS.

An information page, translated from Japanese, says the game will eventually be available on iOS and Android. It was also developed by Ambrella, the developer behind all the previousRumble games.

Its far from the only upcoming Pokmon mobile game coming out in the near future. The same Nintendo team behind Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run have their own Pokmon game in the works for this financial year.

You can check out our review of Pokmon Quest, which came out for both mobile and the Nintendo Switch. It really puts the OK in Pokmon.

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