A 3D Printer Can Now Make Delicious Pizza In Minutes Flat

Pizza is one of my most absolute favorite food items.

It’s doughy and cheesy and, as an Italian, it’s a sin NOT to love it!

I love the old-school pizzerias that have the man behind the counter, kneading the dough and spinning it on his hands to create the pizza shape. But what if there were no need for a person behind the counter to make your delicious pizza?

What if your pizza was made by a piece of technology instead of a person?

That’s what the BeeHex “Flo Baker”a 3D pizza printer is hoping to do.

The engineers at BeeHex are working with world-renowned chefs to concoct the perfect recipe for their 3D pizza.

Though it was originally developed for NASA astronauts to bring with them on their mission, it has now made it’s way back down to Earth, and it uses real dough, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

The hope is that the 3D pizza printers will be available at kiosks in sports stadiums, music venues, theme parks, and movie theaters, so that customers can get their pizza quickly and know that it will ALWAYS be quality food.

An added bonus? Watching the pizza being printed, it looks like SO much fun!

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Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/beehex-3d-printer-pizza/

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