6 Breathtaking Images Of Outer Space That Put Into Perspective Just How Small, Insignificant, And Pitiful Your Dad Is

Only when we look to the stars can we begin to grasp how infinitesimally small and useless your dad truly is.

1. See that little green blotch? Thats how small North America would be if it were on Jupiter. Though your dad might seem important to you now, when you step back and look at things from a cosmic perspective, you will realize that he is tiny and utterly meaninglessa faceless speck drifting impotently across the planes of eternity.

5. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth. The only thing more difficult for the human imagination to fathom than the staggering enormity of the universe is the astronomically small degree to which your dad matters.


6. Here is an incredible photo, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, that shows us thousands and thousands of galaxies, each of them containing billions of stars and celestial bodies. But pretend instead that it is a photo of an immeasurably large and complex sewage system, with each galaxy representing a waste treatment facility, and all of the countless stars and planets within those galaxies representing a toilet. In this breathtakingly immense and intricate sewage system, which traffics trillions of tons of shit every single day, your dad is an undigested kernel of corn buried in a small and unspectacular pile of wet shit. The putrid mound of wet shit in which your nobody dad is entombed is floating dumbly down a very small and unimportant section of sewer amid billions of other shit piles, most of which are bigger and more impressive than your dads. The corn kernel that represents your dad will never add any objective value to the sewer system or the shit its wedged inside, and it will never be noticed for anything. It will just be floating purposelessly inside a turd inside an incredibly small sewer corridor forever and ever, until it eventually gets smashed by a stampede of rats. The rats will not mourn the corn-kernel turd that theyve smashed, nor will they even realize theyve smashed it. It wont matter at all, just like your dad.

Isnt the universe amazing?


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