50 Amazing Photos That Won The 2018 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards

2016 and 2017 treated us with quite a few breathtaking travel photography shots, and 2018 is no exception. The jury of the Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY) have just announced their winners, and they perfectly portray the beautiful diversity of our colorful world. Photographers from 142 countries submitted more than 20,000 entrants to the competition, but only one took home the grand prize. Stefano Pensotti was named the Travel Photographer of the Year for his stunning portfolio of eight photographs, depicting how ordinary citizens engaged with their surroundings across several different continents. Scroll down to check out the rest of the winners.

#1 Travel – Special Mention, Sylvia Michel, Switzerland

“When I created this picture – a lot of people asking me if this is a wolf. And of course a swiss white shepherd has a lot of wolf in it. It was the reason for me to buy me a dog like this. He’s not a typical pet, he has the majesty of a wolf and of course he has a lot of it’s character!”

#2 Beauty Of Light, Commended, Edward Graham, United States

“To capture this image, I laid prone on the surface, aligning my camera with the ice block and setting sun in the distance. The ice block lit up with golden hues, emitting a visual warmth that belied the cold of this wonderful place”

#3 Faces, People, Cultures, Winner, Marinka Masséus, Netherlands

“Albinism is more common in sub- Saharan Africa than in other parts of the world. Education about the disorder is needed to break through centuries of superstitions, especially in rural areas.”

#4 Faces, People, Cultures – Winner, Best Single Image, Danny Yen Sin Wong, Malaysia

A boy stands among the copper bracelets worn by the Suri women.

#5 Natural World – Commended, Ignacio Palacios, Spain

“A detail of a colorful chameleon”

#6 Natural World,special Mention, Roie Galitz, Israel

“A mother Polar bear and her two young cubs are migrating north, as the sea ice melts quicker than previous years”

#7 Travel Photographer Of The Year, Overall Winner, Stefano Pensotti, Italy

Prayer time in one of little temples in the plain of Bagan—a young girl stops on her way to school.

#8 Faces, People, Cultures – Special Mention, Vladimir Alekseev, Russian Federation

“The ‘chum’-the Nenets’ dwelling -is as mobile as they are. It consists of long sticks, and stitched reindeer skins stretched over it”

#9 Beauty Of Light,commended, Zhenzheng Hu, China

#10 Travel Portfolio, Winner, Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

“When we met, the boy was carrying his shoes in his hands as he couldn’t use them anymore. Traveling prepared makes a difference, and with my sewing needle and dental floss, we patched them up, so that he could follow his herd.”

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