5-Year-Old LJ Celebrates Beating Cancer With The ASU Devils

It seems that in our world, shaving your head, or seeing someone bald, is sometimes associated with cancer. Although it’s unfortunate thatwe associate this way because cancer has touched so many people in our world, it’s still a great thing to hear about when someone beats this horrible disease or fights through with positivity.

That is the type of story we get to see with 5-year-old LJ. He has had a long and hardjourney, with cancer andchemotherapyalready at such a young age, but his family never leaves his side. His dad and little brother shave their heads with him to show support and love.

What’s even better about him beating cancer is the fact that his best friendsticks by his side through it all.

But his best friend isn’t so ordinary. It’s someone he’s looked up to and envied in the world of sports Jordan Simone. Simone is the defensive back for the ASU Devils, and he has visited LJ consistently through his treatment and has even come to celebrate with his friends the day he was diagnosed cancer-free!

Once again,little kidsare proving to be stronger than most adultsand kicking cancer’s butt with beautiful smiles.


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