21 People That Will Absolutely Ruin Your Flight

With a huge following on Instagram, @passengershaming calls out egregious travel behaviour. Some will make you cringe, others will make cry, and a few will cause acute disgust. All of them will probably ruin your flight.

You can find over 1,000 posts on their account, but we went through all of them to highlight these 21 passengers that are sure to make you shake your head in bewilderment.. enjoy?

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1. Armrests are the new legrests

2. Snip snip


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3. Ground control to Major Tom


4. Bunny ears


5. The air up there

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6. Speaking of undergarments


7. Two tickets to the sleep show


8. NO

9. Leave no trace


10. Cleanup in aisle 6

11. Don’t you hate pants?


12. Shirts are overrated


13. And now for a musical interlude


14. Are you kid-ding me

15. Groundwork


16. Shoe care



18. Alexa, play Footloose

19. How considerate


20. NSF(Travelling)

21. Heat lamp


*Bonus* for awesome!


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