Young people


Are young people growing horns because of mobile phones? Not so fast | Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz

Mobile phones probably arent turning young people into literal demons from hell just yet People are strange about mobile phones. On the one hand, we cant live without them. A modern existence is almost entirely reliant on the ability to at all times be connected to virtually every person alive today, which if you think […]

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Why I wrote the sex manual Id have loved as a teenager

The Spanish YouTuber Chusita gives young people honest, down-to-earth advice on sex in her new book, This Is Not a Sex Book At a recent book signing in Barcelona, Spanish YouTuber Chusita. They then told everyone how much they loved the book and that it had rekindled their sex life. Their daughter stood beside them, […]

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The age of banter

The long read: It used to be just a word now it is a way of life. But is it time to get off the banter bus? Its the most fucking ridiculous story, isnt it? We went to watch fucking dolphins, and we ended up in fucking Syria. Last summer in the Mediterranean party resort […]

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Forget hookup culture. The ‘talk’ your kids need is about relationships | Rachel Hills

Its not that hookup culture doesnt shape millennials expectations when it comes to sex. But those concerns are as likely to be emotional as practical When I was 11 years old, copies of the now defunct Australian teen magazine Dollystarted mysteriously showing up in my familys living room. At the time, I thought my mother […]

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Can Italy make its teens more cultured by giving them 500 each?

As of this month, Italys school-leavers are eligible for a handout to spend on cultural purchases. Heres how they might splash the cash You know how young people get screwed over because culture bonus designed not to improve Italys 40% youth unemployment rate, but to inject a bit of art into the gloomy lives of […]

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Most antidepressants not working for children and teenagers study

Only Prozac found to show measurable benefit, though authors caution their findings are not comprehensive due to a lack of available unbiased data Most available antidepressants do not help children and teenagers with serious mental health problems and some may be unsafe, experts have warned. A review of clinical trial evidence found that of 14 […]

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