Xi Jinping


Xi shores up power with demand for army obedience and foreign respect

President warns that China will not swallow bitter fruit of threats to sovereignty, while telling military: The Communist party commands the gun President Xi Jinping has vowed China will never swallow the bitter fruit of foreign meddling or invasion, in his latest move to assert his authority ahead of a key political summit marking the […]

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Xi Jinping orders army to unswervingly follow Communist party leadership

Chinas president dons camouflage fatigues for hour-long parade marking 90th anniversary of Peoples Liberation Army Chinese president, Xi Jinping, has presided over a spectacular display of military and political might, ordering members of his 2.3 million-strong armed forces to unswervingly follow the absolute leadership of the Communist party of China. Xi donned camouflage fatigues for […]

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Oh, bother: Winnie the Pooh falls foul of Chinese internet censors

Search blackout may be linked to clampdown on unflattering meme comparing president Xi Jinping with AA Milne character Has Winnie the Pooh done something to anger Chinas censors? Some mentions of AA Milnes loveable but slow-witted bear with a weakness for honey have been blocked on Chinese social networks. Authorities did not explain the clampdown, […]

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Xi Jinping: any challenge to China’s power in Hong Kong ‘crosses a red line’

President warns against any attempt to sabotage the mainland via Hong Kong, as scuffles break out between rival protest groups Hong Kong must not be used as a launchpad to challenge Beijings authority and any questioning of Chinas sovereignty in the territory crosses a red line, Chinese president Xi Jinping has said during a visit […]

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Xi no evil: Hong Kong bans protest slogans as Chinese president visits

Posters or other displays that could embarrass leaders, such as mentions of Tiananmen Square, are ordered removed from tour routes Hong Kong police have launched a crackdown on political banners and images ahead of a visit to the city by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, to avoid embarrassing the countrys leaders. Swaths of Hong Kong […]

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The world must unite like a ‘flock of geese’, says China’s Xi Jinping

President urges the world to cooperate, as Germany warns it could refuse to sign up to the Belt and Road initiative unless free tenders are guaranteed Chinese president Xi Jinping has made his latest bid for global leadership urging world leaders to reject protectionism, embrace globalisation and pull together like an airborne skein of long-necked […]

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Hong Kong accused of smothering dissent for expected Xi Jinping visit

Authorities reportedly deny permission for Victoria Park a traditional protest venue to be used by pro-democracy demonstrators Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have accused authorities of trying to smother dissent by stopping them congregating in one of the former colonys biggest parks when Xi Jinping visits to commemorate the 20th anniversary of handover. Since Hong […]

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‘I thought being president would be easier’: Trump’s Reuters interview highlights

Donald Trump has given a wide-ranging interview to Reuters about geopolitics, trade and how his personal life has changed since assuming office On the presidency I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier. Youre really into your […]

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Rex Tillerson will miss Nato talks for China meeting and visit to Russia reports

US secretary of state could skip first meeting with Nato foreign ministers, amid growing questions over Trump administrations closeness to Moscow US secretary of state Rex Tillerson plans to skip an April meeting of Nato foreign ministers for a visit by the Chinese president and will travel to Russia later in the month, US officials […]

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China: Xi Jinping wants Great Wall of Steel in violence-hit Xinjiang

Authorities blame apparent increase in bloodletting on Islamic extremists and separatists Chinese president Xi Jinping has urged security forces to erect a Great Wall of Steel around the violence-hit western region of Xinjiang after an apparent spike in bloodletting that authorities blame on Islamic extremists and separatists. Xi issued the a series of massive anti-terror […]

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