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UK criticised over sales of military equipment to Venezuela

Theresa May urged to suspend controlled export licences to Venezuelan government while violent clashes continue Britain has sold military equipment worth millions of pounds to Venezuela in the last decade, it has emerged, prompting calls for Theresa May to suspend controlled export licences while the country in is the grip of violent clashes between police


Hope, pride, fear: how North Koreans feel about their homeland

The little evidence seeping out of the repressed nation suggests its people are growing weary of their masters but still harbour a burning hatred for the US Though North Korea consumes an extraordinary amount of international attention for such a small and impoverished country, the Hermit Kingdom remains remarkably closed. We still know very little


Bill Murray goes to see Groundhog Day  again

The star of the 1993 classic movie went to see the Broadway musical version on Tuesday and then returned Wednesday for another show Tuesday: Bill Murray, star of Groundhog Day, a film famously about reliving the same day over and over, is spotted at the Broadway show based on that film. Wednesday: Bill Murray, star