Beautiful Geometric Sculptures Cast From Burls Fused to Resin

Scott Huebner is an incredible artist and woodworker that draws his inspiration from the mountains. Huebner went to college for Raku pottery however in 2008 he switched mediums from clay to wood and now experiments with burls and resin to create breathtaking sculptures that he sells through his online store. A burl is a tree […]

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This Artist Burns Fractals Into Wood and Then Turns It Into Furniture

Using high-voltage electricity, Evan Blomquist and his father have been burning fractal patterns into wood slabs that will eventually become furniture. It’s much easier to understand when you see the videos and pics below but it certainly makes for unique and interesting works. The father and son work under the name Electrostatic Wood Creations, and […]

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Old Bushel Baskets Are Transformed Into Elegantly Rustic Wall Decor

Sometimes the perfect material for your next DIY project is standing right under your nose. There’s no need to go to the craft store when you likely have a surplus of recyclable gems sitting in your closet, kitchen, or garden shed right now. Using a little color, carpentry, creativity, and an imaginative mindset, most household […]

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Artist Creates Super Realistic Wood Carvings Of Everyday Foods

Everyone loves food. It makes sense that we spend a lot of time thinking about and appreciating it we need it to live! And what better way to celebrate something that we love so much than creating art in its honor? Many people do, in fact. Sometimes, they turn food into art, like the incredible […]

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