Why I find the Kavanaugh/Ford case so unsettling | Nesrine Malik

Christine Blasey Fords allegations will remind many women of men from their past. However, there can be strength in not forgetting, says Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik Its hard to describe how it feels to be a woman living through the Brett Kavanaugh case in the US has triggered some unexpectedly profound emotions. There is something


Its Cathartic To Have A Chance To Speak Out On The Internet About My Experience With Sexual Assault For The Millionth Fucking Time

The news of Harvey Weinstein’s repulsive history of sexual assault has sparked a deluge of social media posts from men and women alike detailing their experiences as sexual assault survivors. As a sexual assault survivor myself, I, too have participated in the movement, and for me, nothing has been more cathartic than getting the millionth


Saudi Arabia to allow women to obtain driving licences

King Salman ordered the reform in a royal decree delivered on Tuesday night, requesting that drivers licences be issued to women who wanted them Women in women being allowed into a sports stadium for the first time. It is the most significant change yet to a rigidly conservative social order in Saudi Arabia that has