Indian government: pregnant women should shun meat, eggs and lustful thoughts of sex

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Mother and Child Care leaflet also recommends expectant mothers detach themselves from desire, anger, attachment Indias government is advising pregnant women to avoid all meat, eggs and lustful thoughts. Doctors say the advice is preposterous, and even dangerous, considering Indias already poor record with maternal health. Women are often the last to eat or receive […]


Experimental ovarian cancer treatment looks ‘very promising’, researchers say

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Early-phase study of drug that mimics folic acid to attack ovarian cancer cells could hold promise for women who stop responding to traditional treatment An experimental new treatment for ovarian cancer led to a dramatic shrinking of tumors in a small, early-phase study. Researchers were testing a drug, known as ONX-0801, for safety, but found […]


Bangladeshi girls being trained how to avoid online predators

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With an alarming rise in cybercrimes, often including blackmail, police offer workshops for thousands of teenagers What their attackers bet on is shame: in a conservative society, the horror of an intimate photo leaking, or rumours being spread, is enough to buy a teenage girls silence. We didnt even know anyone could harm us through […]


Cannes film festival accused of airbrushing star Claudia Cardinale

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Festivals 70th anniversary poster features a young Cardinale, whose waist has been narrowed and thighs made slimmer The official poster for this years Cannes film festival has been criticised after Italian actor Claudia Cardinale appeared to have been airbrushed to make her look thinner. French media poured scorn on the festival for seemingly tampering with […]