Joy of pecs: Jessica Fostekew, the weightlifting comic shredding body fascism

When her trainer called muscly women unfeminine, the standup turned her outrage into a hilarious show full of sweat, barbells, chalk and childbirth Jessica Fostekew felt nervous yesterday, very nervous. So she went to lift some weights. I was at peak dread, she says. So I was like, Just do 20 minutes. Then I felt […]

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America has an infant mortality crisis. Meet the black doulas trying to change that

In the US, black babies die at twice the rate of white babies. In Cleveland, the mortality rate is nearly three times as high. Can birth advocates make a difference in one of Americas most segregated cities? Rachel is a college-educated professional pianist who lives in a middle-class leafy Ohio, a former urban powerhouse which […]

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I cant write about a world without rape because I dont live in one

Women read and write crime fiction as a way to understand real experience. I was raped and being told by the Staunch prize that books like mine are preventing justice is outrageous That rape cases are hard to prosecute is no shocker, but the claim that crime writers are partly to blame shocked me. The […]

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‘I see pain in her eyes’ the 3.6m masterpiece that went to jail

A powerful painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, depicting the torturing of Saint Catherine, is touring Britain. What did the women of Send Prison make of the chilling work? Two women are chatting in front of a painting of Catherine of Alexandria, a saint martyred in the fourth century. The figure is shown leaning on a wheel […]

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From overlooked extra to Spike Lee star: how I beat Hollywood’s colorism

DeWanda Wise was offered roles of criminal, addict or prostitute. Then Spike Lee insisted on hiring an actor with her skin tone. Now shes a leading lady Growing up in the DC metro area, I was cute with a caveat: I had chocolate skin. When I was six years old, a close relative quipped that […]

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High school slut-shaming still haunts me. Kavanaugh made me relive it | Leslie Bennetts

The pain of being shamed by a boastful, lying schoolboy has never left me, says journalist and author Leslie Bennetts When Renate Schroeder Dolphin Renate Alumnius (sic), which classmates explained as the code phrase that boys used to boast about their sexual conquest of a female student at a nearby Catholic girls school. Dolphin was […]

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Why I find the Kavanaugh/Ford case so unsettling | Nesrine Malik

Christine Blasey Fords allegations will remind many women of men from their past. However, there can be strength in not forgetting, says Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik Its hard to describe how it feels to be a woman living through the Brett Kavanaugh case in the US has triggered some unexpectedly profound emotions. There is something […]

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Exit polls point to landslide vote to relax Irish abortion laws

Two surveys for Irish Times and RT indicate clear victory for yes campaign Ireland has voted by a landslide to lift the ban on abortion that had been enshrined in its constitution for three decades, the first exit polls from a historic referendum suggest. If confirmed at Saturdays count, the shock result three years after […]

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Ireland has changed utterly: the cruel eighth amendment is history | Ivana Bacik

An end to our 35-year struggle for safe, legal abortion is at last in sight, writes senator and campaigner Ivana Bacik Ireland has spoken and we have made history. The clause inserted into our constitution in 1983 that bestowed on the unborn a right to life equal to that of a pregnant woman can at […]

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How white women use strategic tears to avoid accountability | Ruby Hamad

The legitimate grievances of brown and black women are no match for the accusations of a white damsel in distress That the voices of women of colour are getting louder and more influential is a testament less to the accommodations made by the dominant white culture and more to their own grit in a society […]

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