Pranking the Media with a Photo of Justin Bieber Eating a Burrito Sideways

The guys at Yes Theory just revealed that they were the pranksters behind the viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways and that the entire thing was a hoax. To pull it off they flew a Justin Bieber lookalike to LA and then dressed him up, sat him in a park, and made […]

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Banksy Artwork Self-Destructs after Selling for $1 Million at Auction

A Banksy prank several years in the making has just revealed itself. “Girl With Balloon” was the final item in an auction at Sotheby’s in London Friday night, fetching a record sale price for the notorious artist. Shortly after the hammer came down, the artwork churned to life, destroying itself via a shredder custom-built into […]

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Dinosaurs Show Up At the White House to Protest Trump and We’re Pretty Confused

Liberals will do anything to get attention.  At least that’s probably the tagline that Fox News is running over this one.  We’re not totally sure what’s going on here and to be totally honest we don’t really care, but these T Rex costumes are always freakin hilarious. So, for good measure we’ve added some freakin’ […]

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Genius Undermines Annoying Hipster Entrepreneurs At Cafe In One Swift, Epic Move

1 Via: 01DragonLord01 Read more:

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Dad Gets Ruthless Revenge After Another Man Slaps His Daughter’s A** During a Softball Game

This guy is going down as the dad of the week after he utterly dismantled an embezzler after he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone in her softball league.  We’re not going to dox anyone, but there’s strong confirmation that this story is completely true.  Good game ‘Steve’. 1 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 3 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 5 Via:

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Off Duty Cop Destroys Douchebag For Threatening a Girl In the Middle of a Restaurant and Gives Him a Taste of Justice

This douchebag got a heavy dose of what was coming to him after he decided to threaten his date in a packed restaurant.  whitsundayprofessionalcounselling BlackDeathZombieSwede BlackDeathZombieSwede BlackDeathZombieSwede BlackDeathZombieSwede BlackDeathZombieSwede BlackDeathZombieSwede BlackDeathZombieSwede Read more:

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Finally! A Bathroom Lock That Lets People Know Whether Youre Actually Using The Bathroom Or Just Need A Fucking Minute

We can all agree that public restrooms dont have the best reputation, but they are finally getting a much-needed upgrade. For decades weve been stuck with doors that only displayed Vacant or Occupied. Thats all going to change thanks to the new lock that can be set to Need A Fucking Minute if you just […]

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Inclusivity Win: SpaceX Has Successfully Launched A Handicap-Accessible Ramp Into Orbit

Well, it looks like the possibilities of outer space just opened up for a whole lot more people. After years without any options for the disabled, SpaceX stepped up to the challenge, and they delivered in a huge way. As of Tuesday, they have now successfully launched a handicap-accessible ramp into orbit. Awesome! The ramp, […]

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The Future Of Gun Safety? This Company Developed A Gun That Is Too Slippery To Hold

The regularity of gun-related deaths in America is alarming, and so far, Congress has not stepped up to the plate to do anything about it. But one company might just have the answer weve all been looking for: A Houston-based startup called Elais Dynamics is poised to change the world of gun safety forever by […]

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