Man Accidentally Unleashes 250 Crickets In His House And People Are In Tears With Laughter

blue-tongued lizards living around our houses, hoping that if we fed them enough we could make them grow into Godzilla-like creatures that we could take to school and scare our classmates with. Sadly, they simply got fat and lazy. But boy did they love eating those crickets! So when Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham and […]

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Someone Calls Patton Oswalt Creepy For Remarrying After His Wifes Death, So He Responds

Oswalt and his wife Meredith were celebrating their one-year anniversary in a sweet and cheesy Twitter exchange, but one guy decided to shit on their happiness with a rude and insensitive remark. But one troll couldn’t stand their happiness and decided to leave a nasty comment Oswalt was previously married to writer Michelle McNamara, before […]

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Guy Has Complete Mental Breakdown After Getting Pic From A Birthday Party

Take a minute, dude 1 Via:

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