US taxation


McConnell blames budget deficit rise on government programs not Republican tax cuts

Independent analyses found tax cuts caused $779bn deficit to balloon but Republican cited health and retirement benefits A day after the treasury department announced the federal budget deficit had reached massive tax cuts passed by Republicans last year, were to blame. Independent analyses have found the tax cuts have caused the deficit to balloon faster […]

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Bernie Sanders warns of ‘international oligarchy’ after Paradise Papers leak

US senator warned that leak of documents exposing offshore tax havens show rapid movement toward a group of billionaires controlling the global economy Bernie Sanders has warned that the world is rapidly becoming an international oligarchy controlled by a tiny number of billionaires, highlighted by the revelations in the Paradise Papers. What are the Paradise […]

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Arrests at violent Berkeley Trump protests while tax marches stay calm

On day of protest, police make 13 arrests as pro-Trump crowd clashes with anti-fascists in California and thousands call for financial disclosure elsewhere Hundreds of self-described anti-fascist protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed in Berkeley, California, in sporadic brawls on Saturday. Protests in cities around the rest of the country, including a number of […]

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Trump had to pay millions due to tax law he aims to abolish, leaked return shows

A section of the presidents 2005 tax return revealed that about 85% of what he paid the IRS was incurred due to alternative minimum tax Donald Trumps leaked tax return reveals that the businessman had to pay tens of millions of dollars in a single year because of a tax rule that he has specifically […]

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