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Trump attacks NBC over his remarks on civil war generals Lee and Grant

NBC corrects tweet which said president said Confederate general was incredible, praise he actually gave to the Union man Donald Trump fired tweeted video with the text: WATCH: President Trump says Robert E Lee was a great general during Ohio rally, calling the Confederate leader incredible. Trump had indeed called Lee a great general but […]

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Trump critic Mitt Romney denies leading ‘Never Trump’ Republicans

As he runs for Senate in Utah, Romneys comments jar with his harsh rebukes of Trump during 2016 campaign Mitt Romney on Friday told reporters he has not been a leader of the Never Trump movement among Republicans, a statement that contradicted strongly critical remarks made on the 2016 campaign trail and in the years […]

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McConnell blames budget deficit rise on government programs not Republican tax cuts

Independent analyses found tax cuts caused $779bn deficit to balloon but Republican cited health and retirement benefits A day after the treasury department announced the federal budget deficit had reached massive tax cuts passed by Republicans last year, were to blame. Independent analyses have found the tax cuts have caused the deficit to balloon faster […]

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Brett Kavanaugh poised for confirmation as final vote approaches

Collins she doesnt believe charges can fairly prevent judge from serving after Senates 51-49 vote advances nominee Republicans in the US Senate, with the help of a lone Democrat, have voted to advance Brett Kavanaugh to a final floor vote, propelling the embattled federal judge one step closer to the supreme court. Faced with Susan […]

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‘Trump doesn’t measure up’: Doris Kearns Goodwin on leadership

The Team of Rivals author has brought Lincoln together with Johnson and two Roosevelts to produce a timely study of what makes a great president Nelson Mandela is dead. Barack Obama is out of office. Strongmen are thriving from China to Egypt, from North Korea to Turkey. Britains prime minister Lincoln and dined with Barack […]

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Why I find the Kavanaugh/Ford case so unsettling | Nesrine Malik

Christine Blasey Fords allegations will remind many women of men from their past. However, there can be strength in not forgetting, says Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik Its hard to describe how it feels to be a woman living through the Brett Kavanaugh case in the US has triggered some unexpectedly profound emotions. There is something […]

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Trump blasts Woodward and threatens to ‘write real book’ on presidency

President tweets that he will correct record, saying he is misrepresented in veteran reporters upcoming book, Fear Donald Trump has promised to write the real book on his presidency, to correct a record he says is misrepresented by Bob Woodward, veteran author of tweeted on Monday morning. Just another assault against me, in a barrage […]

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Sanders uses Bible to defend Trump’s separation of children from families at border

Press secretary rejects criticism of Jeff Sessions citing Romans 13 to justify policy and says it is very biblical to enforce the law Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, invoked the Bible to defend the Trump administrations immigration policy of separating mothers from their children. She was speaking at Thursdays White House briefing, in […]

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Separation at the border: children wait in cages at south Texas warehouse

US Border Patrol allows reporters to visit but does not allow pictures or interviews at holding facility housing children as young as four Inside an old warehouse in south Texas, hundreds of children wait away from their parents in a series of cages created by metal fencing. One cage had 20 children inside. Scattered about […]

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Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders ejected from Virginia restaurant

In week of controversy over family separation policy, staffer says she was asked to leave because I work for POTUS The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, claimed on Saturday that she was thrown out of a restaurant because she works for Donald Trump. Social media erupted, with some lavishing praise on the Red Hen […]

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