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Why did this US governor pardon child rapists and brutal killers?

Matt Bevin has horrified opponents and allies alike with a slew of extreme pardons that also disproportionately benefited white offenders In May 2014, Patrick Baker and two accomplices set out to rob a house in Knox county, Kentucky. Baker knew the hardest part of the home invasion would be getting past the front door, so […]

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My moment: the activists fighting climate crisis and winning elections

Amid mounting frustration with political leaders, a number of community activists are running for office on climate and environmental justice platforms in local and state elections The climate crisis is hurting communities across the United States. Hurricanes, heatwaves and torrential downpours are exacerbated devastating floods, droughts and wildfires in communities from South Dakota to California, […]

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How Trump has betrayed the working class | Robert Reich

Trumps corporate giveaways and failure to improve the lives of ordinary working Americans are becoming clearer by the day Trump is remaking the Republican party into what? For a century the GOP has been bankrolled by big business and Wall Street. tax cut, two years old last Sunday, market reach all-time highs. To spur even […]

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Freedom of the press is under siege. We need to rebuild public trust | Robert Reich

If enough people start to trust Trumps words more than the medias, he can get away with saying and doing anything Help us cover the critical issues of 2020. As Giving Tuesday approaches, consider making a contribution Guarding the independence of the press is essential to maintaining truth as a common good. And truth is […]

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Billionaire-funded protest is rearing its head in America | Hamilton Nolan

Recently a crowd of protesters disrupted a speech by Elizabeth Warren. The activists might have seemed grassroots, but they werent Last week, Elizabeth Warren went to Atlanta to give a major headlines overwhelmingly focused on the fact that the speech was interrupted by a loud group of pro-charter school protesters. We were supposed to be […]

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President Trump is at war with the rule of law. This won’t end well | Rebecca Solnit

At the top theres corruption, down below theres dismantling and disarray. Americans are entering a period of immense danger Do Americans still have a government? I do not know. What I do know is that President Trump and the upper echelons of the executive branch are at war with the legislative branch, the rule of […]

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Let’s follow California’s lead and regulate companies like Uber | Veena Dubal

The gig economy is terrible for workers. We must tackle the problem head-on This week, Californias governor, Gavin Newsom Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) into law. The bill codifies the misclassifying workers as independent contractors. If properly enforced, AB5 will have enormous called on this California bill to be the inspiration for regulations governing gig work […]

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White House physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science

William Happer contacted Heartland Institute, one of the most prominent groups to dispute that fossil fuels cause global heating A member of the climate crisis, a trove of his emails show. Jim Bridenstine, the Nasa administrator, had accepting the science of climate breakdown. In May 2018, an exchange between Happer and Heartlands Wysmuller called Bridenstines […]

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The Conservative Sensibility review: George Will and a right wronged

The veteran columnist is no longer a member of the Republican party, which he says has become a personality cult In America, traditional conservatives are not having a good day. Their amalgam of limited government, patriotism, rule of law and free markets is in retrograde. order, continuity, and social cohesion and who demand that a […]

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Outrage as Trump delays putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill until 2026

As a candidate Trump called planned replacement of Andrew Jackson with anti-slavery activist pure political correctness Donald Trumps administration is facing criticism for delaying a move to put the anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. At a congressional planned redesign of the $20, adding Tubmans face to the bill, will be postponed until […]

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