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Chicago's much-criticized police review authority replaced with civilian agency

Embattled mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plan as his approval ratings have plummeted after a video was released showing police shooting an unarmed teen Embattled Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday that he would abolish the much-criticized independent police review authority (IPRA) and replace it with a civilian agency. Emanuels approval ratings have been Laquan McDonald


US to renew most Myanmar sanctions, say officials

Restrictions expected to be relaxed for certain individuals and companies in order to encourage trade The US plans to renew the bulk of its sanctions against Myanmar when they expire next week, but will make some changes aimed at boosting investment and trade, according to several senior US officials and congressional aides. An announcement on


Trump sending white nationalist delegate to convention after list debacle

Trump campaign blames database error for the inclusion of prominent white nationalist William Daniel Johnson on the official delegate list for convention Donald Trumps presidential campaign has been told it cannot remove a prominent white nationalist from the official list of delegates to the Republican national convention. In an afternoon of chaotic back-and-forth, the campaign