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Nine-year-old charged with murder of five people in Illinois trailer park fire

Prosecutors criticised after alleging the youngster started the blaze intentioanlly to kill three small children and two adults A nine-year-old child has been charged with the first-degree murder of three children and two adults in a fire at a trailer park in Illinois. The child was also charged with two counts of arson and one […]

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Cory Booker’s gun control legislation focuses strategies on people, not guns

Bill would devote $90m a year to community organizations that provide services to high-risk people For more than a decade, faith leaders from black and brown communities have come to Congress with the same request: spend more money on local strategies to prevent gun violence. Now, the New Jersey senator Cory Booker is introducing legislation […]

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The Politician’s antihero is a victory for queer characters because he’s awful

Payton Hobart is an entitled, power-hungry kid. The Netflix show gives him room to be human In todays daring TV landscape, a white, cisgender, egregiously wealthy gay man hardly counts as an advancement for queer representation. I know this. You know this. Networks and streaming services know this. Thats because recent LGBTQ representation on TV […]

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US diplomats told Zelenskiy that Trump visit was dependent on Biden statement

Newly released texts show diplomats made clear that better Kyiv-Washington relations were linked to cooperation US diplomats told Ukraines president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, that a prestigious White House visit to meet Donald Trump was dependent on him making a public statement vowing to investigate Hunter Bidens company, and a Ukrainian role in the 2016 elections, according […]

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President Trump is at war with the rule of law. This won’t end well | Rebecca Solnit

At the top theres corruption, down below theres dismantling and disarray. Americans are entering a period of immense danger Do Americans still have a government? I do not know. What I do know is that President Trump and the upper echelons of the executive branch are at war with the legislative branch, the rule of […]

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The ‘woke’ NBA is a reminder: corporations put profits before free speech | Bhaskar Sunkara

Rockets GM Daryl Morey might be fired for speaking his mind. Thats the case for workers in every industry in America Worker speaks freely. Employer gets mad at what the worker has to say. Worker gets fired. Its a common story in the United States, a proud capitalist democracy (capitalist first, democracy second). We might […]

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US mayors seek to bypass Trump with direct role at UN climate talks

If cities are invited to be at the table, I believe they will help accelerate the work that needs to be done said LA mayor Eric Garcetti US mayors are seeking to go over President Trumps head and negotiate directly at next months UN climate change conference in Santiago, they said as they met in […]

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Let’s follow California’s lead and regulate companies like Uber | Veena Dubal

The gig economy is terrible for workers. We must tackle the problem head-on This week, Californias governor, Gavin Newsom Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) into law. The bill codifies the misclassifying workers as independent contractors. If properly enforced, AB5 will have enormous called on this California bill to be the inspiration for regulations governing gig work […]

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‘More than lip service’: Detroit voters look for policy reform in Dems

For its voters, hosting the second debate of the 2020 Democratic primaries is an opportunity to shed light on systemic issues For Detroit resident Jerry Hebron, gun control and criminal justice reform issues are personal. In June, her cousin, who was about to graduate from high school with honors, was gunned down with a high-power […]

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50 Cent: Starz show Power snubbed by Emmys for racial reasons

Rapper and executive producer of successful series says its not the first time his work has been overlooked The rapper and producer 50 Cent has said he thinks Power being overlooked by the Emmys over the years was racially motivated, despite the success of the popular Starz series that has a prominently black cast. I […]

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