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Trevor Noah Questions Trumps Suspicious Hospital Visit

On Monday night,

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Trevor Noah Exposes Sean Spicers Dancing with the Stars Shenanigans

On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah took a break from in the ABC reality series Dancing with the Starsthis despite having dance-floor moves more embarrassing admitted was the platform for the alt-right, and turned

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Trevor Noah: Trump Is Renting U.S. Military to Saudis

On Monday night, with all the other late-night hosts off this week escape of hundreds of ISIS prisoners theyd previously held captive. Sweet Jesus, exclaimed Noah. Donald Trump is the only person who can find a way to make the Middle East more chaotic. Turkey invading, Kurds fleeing, ISIS escaping?! Like, the Middle East was […]

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Trevor Noah Roasts Joe Bidens Bad Debate Answer on Son Hunter

Tuesday nights three-hour Democratic presidential primary debate was somehow still wrapping up when answer to questions about his son Hunters business dealings with foreign companies. I think I get where he was going, but it took a while for him to get there, Noah said. Biden insisted that his son did nothing wrong despite the […]

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Stephen Colbert on Trump: ‘Its even worse when he tells the truth’

Late-night hosts discussed Trumps ABC interview where he admitted he would take foreign information on his opponents and not report it With Donald Trump admitting he would accept foreign intelligence on his political opponents, late-night hosts had a fresh crop of material. Stephen Colbert: Muellers like, damn it, honey, Im going back to work! On […]

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Jimmy Kimmel: Nikki Haley ‘wants to spend time away from Trump’s family’

Late-night hosts discuss the resignation of Trumps UN ambassador and the swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh Late-night hosts discussed the resignation of Donald Trumps UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, and the grandiose ceremony to swear in the controversial supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh. Jimmy Kimmel On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host joked that Haley was The […]

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Daily Shows N-Word Expert: Dont Need a ‘Secret Tape to Prove Trumps a Racist

With Omarosa Manigault-Newman out there promoting her teasing an alleged tape of Donald Trump saying the N-word during his Apprentice days, Trevor Noah brought out The Daily Shows very own N-word expert talked about the word on Marc Marons podcast. But for President Trump, if a recording came out of him using the N-word, the […]

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