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50 Amazing Photos That Won The 2018 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards

Stefano Pensotti was named the Travel Photographer of the Year for his stunning portfolio of eight photographs, depicting how ordinary citizens engaged with their surroundings across several different continents. Scroll down to check out the rest of the winners. #2 Beauty Of Light, Commended, Edward Graham, United States “To capture this image, I laid prone […]

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50 Of The Best Dog Photos Ive Ever Taken

He truly changed my entire life… I’m a photographer only thanks to him and I’m incredibly glad for that. He’s always been so patient with me and I learned a lot because of him. But what I like more and more is a combination of traveling, dogs, and photography. It’s not only about the photography […]

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I Spent 6 Months Travelling Around Europe And The USA Exploring Some Of The Most Incredible Abandoned Locations

I hope you like them. #1 Villa, Italy reply View More Replies… #2 North American Theatre reply #3 Italian Villa reply View More Replies… #4 Power Plant In Hungary reply View More Replies… #5 Gothic Church In The U.S. reply View More Replies… #6 Former Hotel In Abkhazia reply #7 Bath House, Romania reply #8 […]

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Highway To Yell In North Korea Which I Captured During The Last Trip

Everything is planned when you visit North Korea, even the bathrooms stops! According to the guide, it is too dangerous to stop on the highway to make a pee! Me: Can we make a bathroom stop? My guide: No, it is too dangerous to stop on the highway. Me: But we havent seen any cars […]

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From Petra to Wadi Rum: an archaeologist’s view of Jordan

Darius Arya is on a research project in Jordan, but has time to capture the countrys stunning trinity of world-famous sights Read more:

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