Lessons from the fast lane: does this study prove car-pooling works?

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When Jakarta ditched its controversial three-in-one car-sharing rule many in the city expected the traffic to get better. It didnt. A Harvard and MIT study analysed before-and-after Google traffic data to find out what happened Driving in Jakarta at rush hour is something of a nightmare. The citys 9.6 million population swells each work day […]


‘Always give up your seat for a monk’: the unspoken rules of public transport

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Our readers share the dos and donts of their regular commute from rush-hour gymnastics to gossiping with the driver Navigating public transport is daunting and often frustrating, but what happens when you hop on the metro in another city? How close is too close to stand next to your fellow passenger? And are you supposed […]


Pedal-ins and car burials: what happened to America’s forgotten 1970s cycle boom?

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Bicycle madness once saw US bike sales outstrip cars, and spawned ambitious plans for 100,000 miles of cycle paths. Then the music stopped The bicycles biggest wave of popularity in its 154-year history, gushed Time magazine in 1970 at the start of Americas five-year love affair with the bike. Some 64 million fellow travellers are […]