Photographer Uses Creative Tricks To Take Amazing Pictures (12 Pics)

Photography is all about perspective – the person behind the camera can use their imagination to tell different stories about a subject from a variety of angles. Perspective gives depth to an image and can make a two-dimensional photograph feel like a three-dimensional scene. Image credits: Image credits: Instagram account. Jordi Puig Jordi Puig Using […]

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These Studying Tips From A Harvard Graduate Are Priceless

When it comes to studying many of us might say we spend a lot of time doing so, when in reality most of the time is spent scrolling on social media or taking naps every 15 minutes. Even though these distracting breaks are not the most efficient way to get things done, not many of […]

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Work Hack: How To Let Your Boss Know That You Are All Full Up On Pork Meat

So, you want to let your boss know that all the pork meat got filled up in you, but dont know how? No worries! Try any of these simple strategies and your boss will know all about how you are full up on pork meat in no time! 1. Show your boss the article in […]

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Thought Elevators - Brain Elevation - Technique Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

Thought Elevators – Brain Elevation – Technique Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

The Lost Ways the crisis that is about to hit America is what folks 150 years ago called daily life: no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart. I’m also going to share with you three lost pioneer lessons that will ensure your […]

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Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Best Writing Tips

Every good movie starts with a great script. If you dream about seeing your vision on the silver screen, take a page from these acclaimed screenwriters. 1. Quentin Tarantino There are no 100 percent original ideas left, and youve got to learn how to steal from the best. Inspiration is just another word for theft, […]

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Lessons From A Master: Check Out Gregg Popovichs 5 Basketball Tips For Young Players

Whether you know him as Pop, Coach, or simply 67-year-old San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, the NBAs longest-tenured coach is a well of knowledge and wisdom. Read on to learn the five biggest pieces of advice he has for budding basketball players. 1. Smart Defense Is Good Defense: Reach out and ask your man […]

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