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In New York, child sexual abuse victims can now sue their abusers decades after the abuse.

In a big win for victims of child sex abuse, New York has passed the Child Victims Act. The state of New York has passed a bill in the legislature that significantly increases the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims to prosecute their abusers. The Child Victims act changes the age at which […]

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The government has quietlyand drasticallychanged the definition of domestic violence. Why?

The Trump administration has alarmed experts and advocates by quietly changing the government’s definitions of domestic violence and sexual assault. For decades, many people who study domestic violence have fought to broaden the public’s and the justice system’s understanding of what domestic violence and sexual assault look like. Now it appears that much of that […]

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Celine Dion shut down haters criticizing her weight loss in the most casual way.

STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images Celine Dion is living her best life and DGAF what other people have to say about it. The singer, will turn 51 in March, was recently spotted at sporting a slimmer frame at Paris Fashion Week, prompting fans to call her out for it on social media. “Hello Celine I worry, […]

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The NAACP is defending this white judge after his shocking statement about the KKK.

Judge Wayne Shelton/Tennessee Courts During a murder trial in Tennessee, Judge Wayne Shelton made a statement to the defendant that has drawn equal parts outrage and praise. “I grew up in a time where people wore white robes and they shot at black people, and now we see young, black men wearing black hoodies shooting […]

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Pop-Tarts for President! Because literally anything is possible in America in 2020.

Pop-Tarts has announced that it’s considering running for president because WHY NOT. In a week when everyone from the founder of Starbucks to self-help guru Marianne Williamson has announced they want to run for president in 2020, it’s not all that surprising to see that America’s favorite toaster strudel is throwing its hat in the […]

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This gay seniors touching story reminds us that LGBTQ people have always been here.

From an outside perspective, Sandy Warsaw’s life looked like any other woman’s in the mid 20th Century. She grew up in Westchester Country, went to Vassar College in 1950, graduated four years later, got married to a man a year after that, and, in no time at all, they had two children. “You were supposed […]

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After 246 days of separation, this woman and her daughter are finally reunited.

Vilma and Yeisvi Carrillo’s story captured the hearts of Americans who yearn for a more compassionate immigration system. Vilma Carrillo came to the Mexico-United States border seeking asylum in the spring of 2018. Carrillo is an indigenous Guatemalan woman whose daughter Yeisvi is an American citizen. A victim of extreme domestic violence in a country […]

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Sikh Americans are giving free food to thousands of workers affected by the government shutdown.

Vegetables, lentils and tortillas … sounds delicious. But what’s on the menu in San Antonio is a greater act of kindness. According to multiple reports a local Sikh temple has been helping to feed federal workers affected by the partial government shutdown. “The least we could do is support them with a hot meal for […]

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This man asked people on Twitter how they’d react if they caught their son wearing makeup. The responses were unforgettable.

Twitter is the best barometer of the ever-changing winds of cultural opinion. As the dynamics of accepted masculinity and gender roles shift, we can learn exactly how this shift is occurring through social media. When Twitter user @JuSaSiMPLe_man posted a hypothetical question regarding parental reactions to a son wearing makeup, he expected a response. But […]

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When they saw students acting out, these educators brought ties to school. Heres why.

When teacher Kenneth Joyner and student support specialist Raymond Nelson III started working together they noticed something that worried them. All photos courtesy of Boys With a Purpose. What they were seeing in the classroom at Memminger Elementary in South Carolina were kids “cutting the cord” between themselves and their teachers. They weren’t paying attention. […]

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