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Literally nothing is cuter than these two cats who became best friends against all odds.

In late April, a woman who goes by the name “Mac” on Twitter posted a picture of her cat, Simon, looking forlornly out the window. What was out there that could captivate Simon for so long? Was it a bird flying by? Was it the call to be outside?  Or was it the realization that […]

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Arkansas’ racist Capitol Hills statues are being replaced by two incredible icons.

via mrgarethm/Flickr After the Charleston church shooting in June 2015, municipalities throughout the U.S. began removing Confederate statues from state buildings and parks. This accelerated in 2017, after the after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The state of Arkansas has just realized that it’s not 1865 and will replace the two statues […]

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Mayor Pete was given a sign language name. His response was perfect.

Receiving a sign name is a very special gift within the Deaf community. The name usually comes from a member within the community and often reflects the person’s character or unique qualities. YouTuber Andy Pleasants, a deaf craniofacial disability advocate, recently came out in support of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and gave him a […]

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A topless selfie cost a middle school teacher her job. She’s fighting back citing gender discrimination.

Lauren Miranda, a middle school math teacher, was fired after a shirtless photo she sent to her boyfriend back in 2016 ended up in her student’s hands. Miranda didn’t choose to send the photos to her students — or anyone other than her boyfriend at the time. It’s quite baffling that the school that employed […]

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Mayor Pete showed his language skills by offering his heartfelt condolences about Notre Dame in French.

via Scott Olson / Getty Images A newly-elected president is often the polar opposite of their predecessor. Jimmy Carter’s aw-shucks “I’ll never lie to you” approach stood in stark contrast to the scandal-ridden Nixon era. Then, Ronald Reagan’s sunny optimism was ab about face from the dreary Carter era. Barack Obama’s message of hope was […]

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Queen Elizabeth just made her first Instagram post and it has a secret nod to a feminist hero.

Women in STEM apparently have the support of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen posted her first post on the Royal Family Instagram. The 92-year-old monarch paid a visit to the Science Museum in Kensington to announce an exhibit called “Top Secret: from Ciphers to Cyber Security.” The Queen posted two photos of a letter to Prince […]

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This billboard for a sex toy is actually a message about women’s empowerment.

People tend to think of Canada as a progressive oasis and for good reason: quality health care, beautiful environmental landscapes and a general attitude of inclusion and tolerance are all very Canadian things. Of course, nobody is perfect and it turns out that Canada has some fairly regressive attitudes when it comes to women talking […]

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New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern is the strong, compassionate leader the world needs right now.

Jacinda Ardern is writing the playbook for stellar leadership following a mass murder in her country. New Zealand’s prime minister was unique in many ways before the Christchurch mosque shootings that killed 50 of her people. At 38 years old, Jacinda Ardern is one of the youngest heads of state in the world, and one […]

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Jameela Jamil just called out Khloe Kardashian for promoting dangerous beauty standards.

What you see isn’t always what you get, especially on Instagram. Celebrities who post fit photos of themselves while shilling diet products did not get that way because of the diet product. When celebrities ignore the fact they got into shape with the help of personal trainers, healthy eating, and good old fashion Photoshop, they […]

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Budweiser tries to apologize for old sexist ads by re-doing some of them for todays woman.

via Brett Jordan / Flickr There are three big reasons why sexist beer ads have fallen by the wayside over the past few years. 1. Millennials are turned off by sexist advertising that degrades women. 2. Craft beers are taking up big shares of the marketplace and their emphasis on quality means more shots of […]

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