You say you want a sexual revolution: why 1967 is the year pop came out

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Fifty years ago, homosexuality was decriminalised and pop was never the same again. From Dusty and Motown to Mick Jagger and the Kinks, here are the songs, clubs and clothes that liberated Britain In one of his very last acts as Beatles manager, All You Need Is Love. Exactly one month later, Epstein was dead […]


Imagine theres no Sgt Pepper. Its all too easy in the era of Trump and May | John Harris

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This great Beatles album is as thrilling a listen as ever on its 50th anniversary: but its a melancholy time for the one-world counterculture the record soundtracked At the time Sgt Pepper was released, the American writer recalled, I happened to be driving across the country on Interstate 80. In each city where I stopped […]