The Politician’s antihero is a victory for queer characters because he’s awful

Payton Hobart is an entitled, power-hungry kid. The Netflix show gives him room to be human In todays daring TV landscape, a white, cisgender, egregiously wealthy gay man hardly counts as an advancement for queer representation. I know this. You know this. Networks and streaming services know this. Thats because recent LGBTQ representation on TV […]

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50 Cent: Starz show Power snubbed by Emmys for racial reasons

Rapper and executive producer of successful series says its not the first time his work has been overlooked The rapper and producer 50 Cent has said he thinks Power being overlooked by the Emmys over the years was racially motivated, despite the success of the popular Starz series that has a prominently black cast. I […]

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Streaming: Scorsese’s freewheeling Dylan doc

Martin Scorsese is in playful mode with Rolling Thunder Revue, an intimate portrait of a 1970s Bob Dylan tour In a year that has seen Steven Spielberg become the Bob Dylan documentary. I say another, but if youre expecting a direct follow-up to Scorseses 2005 opus The Last Waltz, youll be surprised. Allen Ginsberg bewildering […]

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Netflixs Wild New Series About a Killer Anti-Vaxx Cult

Netflix is no stranger to of the Zika virus. Their next stop is Aguazul, a supposed ghost village in the Pantanal that hardly seems like a fun destination to Lcia (Paloma Bernardi), Damio (Pedro Caetano) and Enzo (Gutto Szuster). Nonetheless, theyre committed to carrying out their duty and, for Lcia in particular, determined to prove […]

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Stephen Colbert on Trump: ‘Its even worse when he tells the truth’

Late-night hosts discussed Trumps ABC interview where he admitted he would take foreign information on his opponents and not report it With Donald Trump admitting he would accept foreign intelligence on his political opponents, late-night hosts had a fresh crop of material. Stephen Colbert: Muellers like, damn it, honey, Im going back to work! On […]

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Euphorias 30 Penises Controversy Doesnt Measure Up

After the hullabaloo over Euphorias frank-and-beans buffet, I get why men in Hollywood dont want to show their penises. I mean, yeah, duh, I get it in that way. But, after yet another round of phallus-induced hysteria surrounding the full-frontal nudity in film and television. Whether youre the thesp whipping it out or the director […]

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Is Renee Zellweger’s Netflix thriller the best trash TV show of 2019?

In the absurd yet absurdly compulsive drama What/If, the Oscar winner makes an unlikely comeback as a devious, scenery-chewing billionaire Its tricky to explain Renee Zellwegers new Netflix show What/If to somebody who hasnt seen it, because its an exercise in diametrically opposed contradictions. Its a sexy thriller, even though its about as sexy as […]

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Was the Game of Thrones Pilot Actually Any Good?

Its been almost eight years to the day since we were first warned that winter is coming. Ill be honest: I didnt take the warning very seriously. Thats because its been roughly seven years and six months, you see, since, exasperated by hearing about eve of the final season premiere, I thought an interesting experiment […]

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Italian broadcaster sparks fury over plans for gender-specific channels

Rais proposals to show different content to men and women condemned as sexist Italian state broadcaster Rai has sparked fury over a proposal to create separate male and female TV channels. A reorganisation of some of the companys channels as part of its strategic plan could result in one airing shows and films geared more […]

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The Beauty of Better Things Triumphs Over Louis C.K.s Mess

The episode descriptions for Better Things make me laugh harder than most actual jokes on other TV comedies. Sam copes with stuff, reads one. Sam sees old friends and cooks for everyone, is another. Theres a certain cheekiness to that simplicity. But when it comes to palpable in Adlons perspective, even in his absence. After […]

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